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What is the Secret of Banetti's Unique Taste?

Is it love? Is it passion? Is it tradition? Is it palatal delight? Experience? All and more

We Bring Thousands of Years of Wealth with Quality.

Produced in the gastronomy city of Gaziantep, Banetti combines the ambition, passion and quality of a region where traditional tastes intersect.

By blending the pasta that takes its roots from Italy with the grain richness of Anatolia for thousands of years; re-offers it to the world.

The Road to the Source of Taste Passes through Banetti

Wheat for Banetti; It is a gastronomic heritage that took root in Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilizations, where many grain goddesses were accepted and reached today.

We Reach the World from the Homeland of Wheat.

The homeland of wheat, the symbol of the transition to settled life and agriculture; Up today known as Mesopotamia and Turkey "Southeastern Anatolia" as defined. Wheat (Triticum Durum) was cultivated in the Southeastern Anatolia region for the first time in human history and spread from there to the whole world.

We Carefully Select the Best Quality Durum Wheat.

Sprouting in the fertile soil of Mesopotamia; The best quality durum wheat, which ripens in cool winds and scorching heat, is carefully selected for Banetti. The sensitivity in the selection of 100% durum wheat, which gives the pasta an "al dente" consistency and a rich and high quality protein content, is one of the most important features that distinguish Banetti from other pasta

Living in the fertile lands of the ancient geography enchanting with its richness, making you feel its quality at first glance with its amber color and plump grains, durum wheat meets with the experience of Banetti experts and the unique taste of Banetti emerges.

We Are Not Satisfied With Good, We Are Looking For Perfection.

Quality Is Never A Coincidence!

Banetti always strives for excellence. Experts work diligently to ensure that the wheat is at the highest value in terms of healthy and qualitative standards. It is not satisfied with the parameters required by the legislation; competes with themselves to offer the better.

In Banetti laboratories, the appearance of wheat grains and all their physical and chemical properties are controlled. Production is carried out without sacrificing quality.

We Support Technical Tests and Analysis with Our Wheat Experience.

Quality Is Never A Coincidence!

Banetti is more than just a pasta; It is the name of doing your job passionately. Therefore, in addition to many tests and analyzes it performs in its laboratories, it measures the flexibility level and durability of the product with expert eyes and experienced touch.

It blends the perfect balance of color, aroma and taste peculiar to Banetti in perfect harmony.

We Knead Semolina with Rich Spring Waters

The rich spring waters of the region are brought together with semolina and 100% durum wheat is kneaded at the optimum temperature without compromising the integrity of the valuable gluten network.

We Process Special Dough With Care

Banetti's special dough reaches its special texture and final shape that can absorb all kinds of sauce in production facilities controlled by an advanced automation system.