Our extensive experience in making quality pasta allows us to now offer Banetti as gluten-free pasta.

  • Cooking Time8 - 10 min

Nutritional Values per 100g Uncooked Pasta

Energy 339 kcal / 1417 kj
Fat 1,8g
Carbohydrate 69g
Protein 11,5g
Lif 4,1g
Salt 0g

What is the Secret of Banetti's Unique Flavor?

Bringing Together Thousands of Years of Wealth and Quality

Produced in the gastronomic city of Gaziantep, Banetti combines the ambition, passion and quality of a region where traditional flavours intersect. It blends pasta, which has its roots in Italy, with the thousands of years of grain wealth of Anatolia and presents it to the world.

The Road To The Origins Of Flavor Passes Through Banetti

Banetti's story is based on a strong passion and a deep-rooted tradition whose foundation extends deep into history. For Banetti, wheat is a gastronomic heritage that has taken root in Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilizations, where many grain goddesses are accepted. This heritage, in relation to the climate conditions and fertile soil structure of the region, retains the same value today without compromising its value.

From The Motherland Of Wheat, We Reach Out To The World

The secret is in the Motherland! The symbol of the transition to settled life and agriculture is the motherland of wheat; it is the region known as Upper Mesopotamia and today defined as “Southeast Anatolia” in Turkey. Wheat (Triticum Durum) was cultivated in SouthEastern Anatolia for the first time in human history and spread throughout the world from here.

We Carefully Select the Best Quality Durum Wheat

Sprouting in the fertile lands of Mesopotamia; ripening in its cool winds and scorching heat, the best quality durum wheat is carefully selected for Banetti. The precision in the selection of 100% durum wheat, which gives the pasta “al dente” consistency and forms a rich and high-quality protein content, is one of the most important characteristics that distinguishes Banetti from other pastas. Durum wheat, which comes to life in the fertile lands of the ancient geography, which fascinates with its wealth, and displays its quality at first glance with its amber color and plump grains, meets the experience of Banetti experts and emerges with the unique taste of Banetti.

Good Isn’t Enough, We Seek Perfection

Quality is never an accident! Banetti, her zaman mükemmeli hedefler. Uzmanlar, buğdayın sağlıklı ve kalitatif standartlar açısından en yüksek değerlerde olması için titizlikle çalışır. Mevzuatın gerekli kıldığı parametrelerle yetinmez; daha iyisini sunmak için kendileriyle yarışır. Banetti laboratuvarlarında buğday tanelerinin görünümü ile tüm fiziksel ve kimyasal özelliklerinin kontrolü yapılır. Kaliteden taviz vermeden üretim gerçekleştirilir. Banetti always aims for perfection. Experts work diligently to ensure that wheat is at the highest values in terms of health and qualitative standards. Not content with the parameters required by legislation; Banetti competes with itself to deliver better. In Banetti laboratories, all physical and chemical properties are controlled by the appearance of wheat grains. Production is carried out without compromising quality.

We Support Technical Tests and Analysis With Our Wheat Experience

Banetti is more of a pasta; it's the name of doing your job with passion. Therefore, in addition to the many tests and analyses it conducts in its laboratories, it measures the flexibility level and durability of the product with expert eyes and experienced touches. Banetti blends the perfect balance of color, aroma and flavor with a perfect harmony.

Quality Not Quantity!

We grind the most valuable layer of wheat. Banetti is produced with the policy of “quality not quantity of products" and the whole process from field to table is managed with this understanding. During the grinding process performed using advanced technology, wheat is stripped of its layers until its most valuable part is reached. Wheat is treasured during grinding, while pasta lovers are treasured at the table.

We Don’t Prefer Ease, We Go For What Is Difficult

In Banetti production facilities, high quality pasta grain is obtained in accordance with the standards specific to Banetti and in accordance with the legislation, keeping the taste of the consumer in the forefront without reducing the quality of the grain. Safe and healthy semolina, which is obtained fresh every day with the help of the best technologies, is the most important feature that characterizes Banetti and makes it unique. It takes its place among the indispensable dishes with its unique density, taste and high standards and its structure that can adapt to every cooking taste and consumer preferences.